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August 22, 2014

July 9, 2013

Should Drug Testing be Standardized in Professional Leagues

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In the wake of major drug scandals involving the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Lance Armstrong, it stands to reason that the general public is questioning the integrity of all sports. That is why drug testing must be standardized.

In fact, many leagues already have drug testing plans in place, particularly the NFL. Players trying to gain an advantage by resorting to drugs are suspended or banned outright. However, some players are not always caught until they have completed their career. This basically amounts to a public shaming (more…)

May 18, 2013

What Rule Changes Does the NFL Still Need to Make

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There is something about NFL football that sets it apart from college football in terms of the rules. The play clock in the NFL game is set for 40 seconds. Many times both teams will use as many of those seconds as they possibly can on as many plays as possible. They do this to burn off the clock and keep the ball in their possession as much as possible. The idea is that by wearing the other team’s defense down that they can gain an advantage. This rule needs to (more…)

March 27, 2013

What Caused the Red Sox and Braves Collapse

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The Red Sox and Braves recently had heartbreaking collapses in MLB. They both looked to be in an easy spot to secure a playoff berth, but they both failed to seal the deal. The Red Sox had all kinds of problems. They had injuries to their starting pitching rotation, their bullpen, and their lineup. There was not a good vibe in their clubhouse toward the end of the season. It seemed as if everything came together to create the perfect (more…)

June 23, 2012

What is the Difference Between the NFL and NBA Lockout?

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Lockouts in the NBA and NFL have happened multiple times over the years, yet the two popular sports remain, even though they run into bumps along the way. Recently both associations ran into bumps in 2011.

The NBA lock served as the fourth one for the league, as a result the 2011 season was delayed beginning from November 1, stretching December25, changing the amount of games played to 66 from 82. Issues concerning both parties, dealt monetary issues such as the way revenue is issued, luxury tax issues, as well as the salary caps. (more…)

October 19, 2011

Underrated NFL Teams

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No matter how you get your football, be it Satellite tv , your internet connection or even live and in person, you can’t have on blinders when it comes to your team. Fantasy players know the stats but do you know what’s happening outside your own team’s locker room? Here are our best underrated NFL teams of 2011.
Carolina Panthers: Sure they’ve got a (Very) losing record but all their games have been close and Cam (more…)

October 13, 2011

What will NBA Players Be Doing During a Lockout

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The NBA labor talks have been long discussed since the beginning of the lockout in July. By enforcing a lockout, the NBA owners stopped playing the players a salary and providing healthcare. The ironic thing about this is the way the money is flowing. The players maybe locked out from playing for the NBA and making money through that avenue, but what the owners forget, is that the players are able to make money playing else where.

Many of the NBA (more…)

October 10, 2011

Fantasy Football Players You’ll Want on Your Team

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Before the NFL season starts, picking fantasy football players you will want on your team can be a thoroughly inexact science. Every year, players with a great track record of remaining injury free and performing at a high level drop off due to age, changes in personnel and scheme, and suffer unforeseen injuries limiting their impact over both the short and long-term. Four weeks deep in to the NFL 2011 season, though, trends start to emerge that can help pick up great players to help any fantasy football team to victory.

Calvin Johnson, nicknamed “Megatron” is (more…)

October 9, 2011

Teams To Watch in the Upcoming Season

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Every year in the NFL there are teams that you need to keep your eye on and this season is no different. Here are some teams to watch for in the upcoming season that could make an impact. The Buffalo Bills last season lost a lot of games that they could have won. With Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback and a good running game, the Bills should be tough in 2011. The defense has improved and should be much better in 2011 as well. They had a good draft as well which should make this team (more…)

October 8, 2011

What is the Most Impressive Sports Dynasty?

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Ask any group of sports fans which is the most impressive sports dynasty, and you will likely receive many different answers. There really is no way to specifically answer this question, as it is a matter of opinion. However, we can put some stock in one of the more popular answers, which would be the New York Yankees.

A rich history and extensive line of incredible players is what has made the Yankees such an (more…)

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